Burton Tan Esq.


 DESIGNATION Managing Partner


  1. Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)
  2. Barrister (Inner Temple, London)
  3. ADRg Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator (Bristol)
  4. LL.B (Hons) Oxf. B. University
  5. GCE A’ Levels      
  6. GCE O’ Levels, Assumption English School, Singapore




  1. Called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2011
  2. Called to the High Court of Malaya since 04th January 2013
  3. Co-founded Messrs Burton Tan, Syazwan & Co. on 31st August 2013
  4. Successful conduct of alternative dispute resolution procedures
  5. Successful conduct of civil trials and applications before subordinate and appellate courts for civil matters
  6. Good track record as a conveyancer for sub-sale cases to median multi-million ringgit transactions (RM50 million and above)
  7. Good knowledge of land law and matters related to testacy
  8. Attends to firm’s matters relating to litigation
  9. Special interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  10. Manages firm with great passion